March 27

Media: I was damned by God. Actually I saw Sucker Punch but the feeling was similar. Also watched the NCAA game where the little dudes beat the big dudes. The little dudes’ coach looks like a punk.

Music: No.

Comedy: Listened to Ron White’s ‘Behavioral Problems’. Good stuff. He’s the only Blue Collar guy worth not shooting with a harpoon gun. He’s in fact very good, though some of his recorded work is better than others. This one’s probably his second best.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: I had a little Cuban sandwich. Then leftover steak and some of those amazing Trader Joe’s rice cakes. Licor 43 was consumed as was Myer’s & Diet Coke while I enjoyed a Saint Luis Rey Serie G. A massive coffee was had from the Starbucks.

Family: Hung with the gang for a while in the evening. Experienced a meltdown from the daughter, who does not react well to having bedtime sprung on her without plenty of warning.

Friends: Pat joined me for the sports shit and some of the old cigar gents also were in attendance. Andrea joined me for Sucker Punch.

Work: Just enough. Not much more. Got a little piece on Leonard Nimoy’s photography on GUY.

Art: Get out of my face, baby!

Goodies: I had aspirations of going to the book store. They were washed away by time and hate.

Screenwriting: No, but weirdly enough it came out better than Sucker Punch.

Projects: Nope.

Minutia: Saw a drug deal happen. It was subtle.

Activity: A little, but the rain found its way into my bones and made me a creaky old bitch.

Ailments: My dick shot off.

Shrink’s Chair: Changes are coming.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The assholes who left the cigar room in disarray for me to come in and sweep and clean and rearrange and make attractive for the gentlemen. Fucking cigarette butts everywhere. It’s a cigar lounge you pieces of shit.

True Trivia: I am a switch hitter but when I bat left-handed I have the wrong hand on top. It’s not supposed to work but it does.

Link of the Day: Criterion. Always great. Almost always essential!

Looking ahead to tomorrow: A lot in a little bit of time.

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Out of a Possible 5 Stars


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