March 26

Media: I took in no new media.

Music: John and I recorded two new tunes for our little side thing. They’re a little messy but both fun. Me on keys, he on drums. We also mixed some of the other stuff we’re working on. It sounds pretty Nightsticky to me. We also listened to a good bit of The New Mastersounds while playing darts.

Comedy: Listened to Jeff Garlin’s CD. Not really a fan of it. I like Garlin and I appreciate what he does. But it’s not that funny and it’s messy and I get tired of too many stories that start with “My wife…”..

Food/Drink/Inhalents: I took Mom and the kids to El Azteca for a smorgasbord of things which are bad for humans. I felt like a boulder filled with boulders hit me in the boulder. But it was delicious and it was funny watching Sofia trying to hoard all the food for herself. Lil’ cunt. I drank many coffees. Ate some really good pasta at Jeffrey’s. Drank some nice booze with John and we did some bubble gum flavored hookah tobacco in the late hours.

Family: Spent the first half of the day with the smalls while Catherine had a much-needed reprieve. Mom hooked up with us later and we went to Wild Birds Unlimited to meet real live hawks and owls. Sofia had her picture taken with them by me and then a lady from the paper. I make good looking kids! They fucked it up by then having a photo taken of her with me. People are going to read the paper and think a murderer is next to that cute kid.

Friends: Josh came to the office to help do some work on the site for the bar we hang out at, and then I hung there to share with the owner. John Makarewicz came over in the later hours for music, darts, and some delightful smoke.

Work: Josh and I did some stuff, and will be launching a nice little stand-up comedy column. Finally made progress on my Tron review.

Art: NO.

Goodies: I got a few bottles of Pritchard’s Rum as well as some Amaretto. That’s how jacked I am. I consider those things goodies.

Screenwriting: Some.

Projects: Nope.

Minutia: You know what still sucks most of the time, a fact which mystifies me? Streaming video on the internet. Not on stuff like Netflix (usually), but when I want to watch a trailer or something it still drives me batshit.

Activity: A little. Not enough, especially after that Mexican godbomb.

Ailments: Fucking tightness in my ribs from a sore muscle only hurts when I do things I enjoy.

Shrink’s Chair: I like pooping, probably more than anyone on Earth. You know how some dogs go ripping ass across the house or the yard afterwards? Me too!

Asshole(s) of the Day: The fucking screenwriter guy who has annoyed the hell out of me for years, and even though I’ve corrected him a million times misspells the name of my wife and daughter. There’s a reason I don’t want to work with you, sir. Attention to detail.

True Trivia: I didn’t have my first alcohol until I was 25.

Link of the Day: Abandonia. Old DOS video games, exhumed for you!

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Healing. Sucker Punch. Healing from Sucker Punch.

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