March 25

Media: I Saw the Devil. Rubber. So basically two generic mainstream films.

Music: Nope.

Comedy: Listened to the latest Danny Bhoy Live at the Athenaeum. It’s good, as expected… but of all comedians he has the most duplicated material between CD’s I’ve ever seen. Avoid Subject to Change if possible. In addition to horrific bagpipes, the audio quality is sorely lacking. He’s quite good though.

Food/Drink: A little Hudson Grille for a quiet lunch to work at watch the Braves lose to the Phillies. Their pretzel appetizer is my favorite thing in the world. So good. So EVIL. I had to counter with fruit and a grilled chicken & coucous pita thing that bordered on healthy. Ate a goddamn movie theater hot dog at the goddamn movie theater. It was good but it kept ejaculating a bizarre cheesy taste into my mouth. No fun. A late night at Prohibition began at 11:15, after their kitchen closed. I had a Horse’s Tail (orange peel, ginger ale, and bourbon) and a shot of bramble (gin and berries and some other shit) and an Alakazam (some booze and some other booze). Had a bit of a Rocky Patel Edge but only smoked like a fifth of it. After Prohibition we discovered Sal’s Pizza, a place open until like 4am. I drove home with two slices and devoured them as I avoided drunk drivers.

Family: I high-fived the family as I came home to change and then disappear out the door.

Friends: The gang at the office. Renn and I met with Kurt Miller (after a quick hello to the engaged Will Mason and his dame Melody) to watch the Korean RomCom. Then, Renn and I met with Dave Wagner and Andrea at Prohibition. Bob the amazing swashbuckler of drinks was there and took stupendous care of us.

Work: I was on point for both sites, unloading an app review, my first Myth Conceptions column on GUY while delivering a well-received Fringe renewal piece, the daily things, and a contest that I really hope people try to win. Mesrine is fucking great. I also worked on wrangling new content for GUY through some nice unorthodox channels.

Art: I drew this bit of romance on my bartender’s notebook for him.

Goodies: Nothing.

Screenwriting: My psuedo manager requested the pilot script again. I guess I’ll oblige him, though it’s not ready yet.

Projects: Nope.

Minutia: What the fuck is going on with fashion? A bunch of bags of shit were walking around the bar in fucked up 80’s clothing. A hideous girl with a button down white shirt/skirt with a massive sequined belt dividing her unlovable higher portion from her sickmaking lower area. Preppie Once Bitten cast rejects in salmon colored Izod type shirts puffing cigars synthetically like they’re trying out for a music video. Fucking slutty harlots on wretched heels with their chubby feet sloshing out the sides. Nightmare Village.

Activity: I sat a lot.

Ailments: I was in headache mode. I also got queasy from the tall cock with the giant head sitting in front of me in the theater. Literally, it was Modok. I had to go sit in the back of the theater for the second half of the movie just to get my head clear after having to dodge hugehead while reading subtitles.

Shrink’s Chair: OK, I’m a great customer at the bar I hang at. The bartender and I have become good friends. I spend money. I tip well. I wear a goddamn COLLAR for these people (and frankly, fuck a collar in the boot). How difficult is it for the person at the front whose entire job it is to make sure the good customers are respected and taken care of to not treat my growing cadre (I introduce a new person a week it seems) like the Sisters of the Poor?

Asshole(s) of the Day: The drunk motherfuckers around the pizza place. It was a ghastly cross section of humanity. It made me want to Jihad. I wanted to slice these people apart and burn their remains in the Mason Jars from Po’Folks. Men and women, uniformly embarrassing to look at, hear, and share DNA coding with. Why people would allow themselves to get that fucked up in public (or private) is beyond me. Sickening, filthy nonpeople.

True Trivia: I want a pet tarantula.

Link of the Day: AMC. These guys are amazing, The Walking Dead notwithstanding.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Kid watching. Work. Maybe a birthday party.

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