Hey there Los Angelenos (sorry, rest of world). Been enjoying this weather? Of course you haven’t. Well I have something that might help brighten your life.

This Tuesday (March 29), The Cinefamily theater is putting on a weird wonderful show. The band Nilbog will be performing live, to be followed by a screening of the wacko classic The Visitor (1979).

Nilbog (of course named after the town from Troll 2), who tout themselves as the world’s only horror film score cover band, exists to pay homage to classic moments from horror soundtracks by the likes of Goblin, Carpenter, Moroder, Morricone and other masters of the form. The five-piece band recreates, down to the last timbre, some of the most beloved and fetishized horror movie themes of the past few decades. Here’s a video of them playing the fabulous disco theme from Friday the 13 Part III.

The Cinefamily rightfully describes The Visitor as “the holiest of all Holyfuckingshits, it has the highest JDPM (Jaw Drops Per Minute) ratio of any film of its era.” And, well, words just don’t do it justice. Watch this:


CHUD is giving away 3 pairs of tickets (one for you and one for your guest) to the show, which begins at 8pm, March 29. For those who don’t win tickets, they can be purchased here. To enter the contest, simply send an email to wormmiller@gmail.com with NILBOG in the subject line and tell me your favorite bit of a music from a horror movie score. Don’t forget to give me your full name.

I will be accepting entries until Monday. And I will only be contacting the winners.