The Mesrine movies aren’t good. They’re great. They almost made my “Top Fifteen” of last year and after watching them again this week they probably should have. Jean Francois Richet’s pair of French crime films hold their own against just about any of them in recent memory. In fact, paired with Animal Kingdom & A Prophet these flicks go a long way towards enforcing the notion that not only can crimes films from overseas hold their own against America’s… they might be better.

The amazing Vincent Cassel (as well as Mathieu Amalric, Ludivine Sagnier, Cecile De Francois and Gerard Depardieu) delivers the performance of his career in this two-film story of a criminal who robbed banks, broke out of prison several times, loved many beautiful ladies, and lived life with a unique code. It’s beautifully made, impeccably acted, and a must-see for fans of film let alone crime films. has a few pairs of the blu-ray versions of these films to give away to lucky Chewers who use the link below and follow my instructions to a “T”. It’s worth your effort, folks!

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