We announced way back in September that Magnet had picked up the South Korean giant pig movie Chaw, retitled it Chawz, and was bringing it to our shores. Well, it never got the theatrical run it deserved but it’s getting a dvd and blu-ray release next month. Check out the art.

Not sure why the pig is playing peek-a-boo- the Koreans weren’t afraid to feature him on the poster!

The film will hit on April 26th with a smattering of features. Here’s the specs:


  • Attack of the Boar
  • Five chasers
  • Horror vs. Comedy

Deleted scenes with director commentary
Q&A with cast

I never got around to reviewing the film at the NYAFF last year but I really found it enjoyable. It’s played very tongue-in-cheek, as one should play a giant pig movie, and quite shamelessly rips off Jaws, but it’s got that manic Korean sense of humor and some really fun kills. Definitely worth checking it out, although if Magnet’s track record proves anything it will be available on Netflix Instant quite soon.