March 23

Media: Mesrine: Public Enemy #1. Will be doing a contest for both of these excellent crime flicks on Friday. Hubble.

Music: Nada.

Comedy: Jim Gaffigan’s King Baby. A near-classic comedy album. This guy is so effortless and at the top of his game it’s crazy. He’s so good ad building on jokes and is so much more than the “Hot Pockets” or “Bacon” guy.

Food/Drink: I made weird as fuck eggs and hash browns for breakfast. Boring as boobs. Then, Rocco and Sofia and I ate Chick Fil-Jesus. Dinner involved some Mexican food at the ol’ office. I had a nice but dry pork thing. No booze.

Family: The kids were a lot. But they’re amazing. Rocco and I went to the Forum after his brief nap. Way too brief. Afterwards, we got his sister and we all watched the Hubble movie.

Friends: Played softball with the X-Factor boys. The work crew was in full effect but I wasn’t there.

Work: Pretty solid.

Art: Zero art.

Goodies: My daughter’s into snakes again so I got her a red rubber cobra. Rocco was gifted a xylophone (which is his favorite thing now) and a Thomas the Train book. Those Thomas toys are dumb expensive.

Screenwriting: No, but one of the projects I originated is nearly ready to go to the studio who’s interested and perhaps another will finally get a little attention.

Projects: See above.

Minutia: The gal who works at the toy store at the Forum makes it very easy to shop there. If you’re a guy. Supah!

Activity: Played ball with the gents. I had my worst (and only bad) game of the year thus far. I went 1-4 without really making much good contact. Golf on Friday fucked my swing up, as it always does. Played fine in the field, but I hit like a sack of balls. We won by a lot anyway.

Ailments: Nah.

Shrink’s Chair: I am about to lose my shit over a few collaborators who dropped off the face of the Earth. There is no fucking excuse.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The people at the collision place. I just noticed one of the reflectors on the back of my repaired bumper wasn’t there.

True Trivia: I left my now wife for a month after years of dating to be with this beautiful but empty and vain young woman because she was different and “elite”. She was also dumb as fuck and after she wore heels hiking I kicked her to the curb for eternity and got right.

Link of the Day: Todd Barry’s Reciept Museum. So good.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Work and nothing but!

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