Thanks joeypants, for reminding me to write this up. This funky little possibility hit the newsfeeds as I was writing up the Ramirez one, and I have a woefully short memory these days.

According to Deadline, Michael Shannon is also one of the possible contenders for the still unknown Superman villain.   Let me stress this is as much of a rumor as the Ramirez story. He’s being looked at with interest. No talks. No deals.

Clearly, we’re being fed a wish list, one by one, just to wind us up and even strong arm negotiations.   Well, it’s a slow news day. We’ll take the bait.

I may be in the minority here, but I actually don’t like Shannon for Zod.   It’s too easy to cast Shannon as a villain these days — the real trick would now be casting him as someone genuine and decent — and his cerebral, eerie style seems the wrong fit for a villain who should be king.  But, the one way to sell fans on this villain would be to give him a new approach. Shannon could give us a new Zod, one that was locked up in the Phantom Zone for far, far sleazier reasons.

If the villain isn’t Zod at all, then Shannon could be perfect.   Maybe he’s Bizarro! If there’s a person who is a Bizarro version of Henry Cavill, it’s probably Shannon.