In her time, Adrienne Barbeau has faced killer mist, the Swamp Thing and the Duke of New York.  She may have a few years on Nicholas Brendan, but during his Buffy days he battled countless demons (and his own ill fortune).  And neither of them are done with the creepies just yet.

In the dark low-budget indie horror flick Unholy, they play a mother and son dealing with the death of a family member, who committed suicide under mysterious circumstances.  Further investigation exposes links to a conspiracy involving Nazi witchcraft experiments… which may have been performed in the US by our own government after WWII.

According to filmmakers Daryl Goldberg and Sam Freeman (who sharpened his fangs with the spooky stuff as an associate producer on the nifty indie Zombie Honeymoon,which I previously reviewed RIGHT HERE), the story is based on real myth, which makes it that much scarier. 

Our horrorhead chums over at Dread Central got the first peek at the flick, and you can CHECK OUT THE TRAILER HERE!