csdSnopes tells me that Bow Wow was probably not raped. I don’t want to use the word “disappointed” to describe how finding this out made me feel, but having this face revealed definitely removes one item from my party conversation repertoire.

But speaking of being raped, Fast and the Furious 3 is a go picture, and it’s starting soon. And speaking of Bow Wow, he’s going to star in it. The kiddie rapper turned actor told Zap2It (whose reporter is very fetching, by the way. Real rarity at most junkets, where I pass for handsome and fit), "It starts filming in the first week of October… After [promoting ‘Roll Bounce’] I go to Europe for a week and then I’m back over here for three and a half months. Then we’re over in Tokyo and Japan for three and half weeks."

Bow Wow will be playing a kid who gets into trouble in America for illegal street racing, so he flees to Japan, where he can fit right in. In Tokyo he discovers drift racing: “The underground motor sport challenges drivers to accelerate through hairpin turns and then spin out of them, making for hair-raising races through city streets.”

The film is being directed by Justin Lin, who did some racing of his own – from being an interesting filmmaker to watch with his 2003 debut Better Luck Tomorrow to this crap. He made a pit stop along the way at Annapolis, a movie about boxing at a military academy, which finally brings together James Franco, Tyrese, Donnie Wahlberg and Chi McBride.

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