…and as Matty and his partner step into the shadows, so does this online version of Left Turn. Issue One of the comic will go on sale in December of this year with details on the ordering information, publisher, and the first look at the cover will be online in the next couple of weeks. The style will be different, more aggressive and loose. Less cartoony and more gritty. The story will be a long one as we see what becomes of the detectives of the South Milles police department and the ongoing murder investigation of Lanie Dwyer and its effect on Stanley "Bob" Roberts.

In truth, this is a very in-depth story I want to tell, filled with turns and twists and moments I guarantee will surprise and unsettle a lot of you. As a webcomic, there’s only so much we can do because of format but in print it’ll be something special. To keep folks posted I’ll continue to share bits and pieces of the comic with you to keep you reminded.

But, I really hope you’ll be able to keep Left Turn going by making it one of your monthly titles starting this December. Knowing the comic business, we’re going to need every last one of you to make it happen.