So there’s this Sucker Punch film coming out, and it’s getting people talking. There is plenty of preemptive enthusiasm and cynicism crashing around twitter, the reviews are starting to pour out (mine coming tonight or early tomorrow), and overall response has been mixed but active. Something about Snyder and his new film really get film geeks geared up one way or another, and while the film’s tagline may be “You Will Be Unprepared,” we’re going to do our best to get you ready.

Backstory Short Films

Regardless of your thoughts or expectations for Sucker Punch, I really should just be able to say “animated shorts narrated by Keith David” and you skip off to watch them. For those that need more context though, know that these are brief shorts that set-up the hyper-stylized episodic action segments that make up most of the runtime of Sucker Punch. Each segment takes place in a distinctive world with unique costuming, set design, directorial, and overall aesthetic differences, and their vague backgrounds from the film are filled out by these shorts, animated by Ben Hibon. You may have seen Hibon’s handiwork in the most recent Harry Potter film, which featured a truly gorgeous short that visualized the backstory of the titular “Deathly Hallows.”

Take a look at the four shorts right here, or check them out on Apple Trailers.

Twitter Response

I thought I’d share with you some interesting twitter responses from some online film types who have seen the film, scaled from love to hate.




That last tweet is from stellar chewer Santiago Mateo in his native tongue, with a rough (read: shitty) Google translation making his intent clear, for those speaking the Queen’s…Sucker Punch could be among the worst films of the year. Teen fantasies without the slightest narrative to sustain them.”

It’s also worth checking out the very interest Pre-Release Message Board discussion thread, which has some rockstar chewers hashing out this whole Snyder thing, and just what it is about Sucker Punch that is so intriguing/distasteful to some folks.

Again, Damon and I both have reviews coming soon and tomorrow you can check the film out for yourself. If you think you’re gonna be into it though, you might want to keep an eye on the site tomorrow (around noon) for our Prize of the Day… it might be up your alley.

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