Mr. Popper’s Penguins is a Newbery honored children’s book written in 1938 by Richard & Florence Atwater, but it is only making it to the big screen now. It was originally to star Ben Stiller with director Noah Baumbach making a foray into family cinema, but that line-up eventually fizzled. The project finally got off the ground with Jim Carrey starring and Mean Girls‘ Mark Waters behind the wheel.

The book told the story of a poor, small-town house painter who comes into the possession of a couple of penguins who start to mate, filling up his little home with more penguins. Judging from this new teaser trailer, I’d say they aren’t adhering to the source material very strictly, as Jim Carrey lives in a swanky apartment in the big city. I hope you guys like your teaser trailers with some “Ice Ice Baby.”