Will Gluck, director of Easy A, is looking to play Fincher in a new venture with Sony that would reunite The Social Network producing team to adapt a second book by The Accidental Billionaires author, Ben Mezrich.

Entitled Sex on the Moon, the story is (shockingly!) about a dude doing big things to impress a girl. The gentleman in question is a NASA intern who teams up with this girl of his dreams to steal lunar rocks from a NASA vault, with the intention of selling them on the internet (dumbass). They apparently managed to pull off the scheme and even got to fuck on a bed covered in moon stones (admittedly: awesome – though nobody evolved into a new creature that I’m aware of). Eventually they were caught by the FBI, but had a good enough run of it to become the subject of Mezrich’s book, which Gluck hopes to develop for the studio.

While familiar producers Scott Rudin and Kevin Spacey will definitely be involved in whatever team comes together, Gluck is only in talks and there’s no screenwriter as of yet. Gluck’s in good standing with Sony though, having made them a pretty penny with his cheaply-made Easy A, which gorssed $75m worldwide on a very minimal budget and no major stars. I would expect him to land the gig.

This doesn’t scream “prestige” on first glance, but then again neither did “the facebook movie” until word of Sorkin’s remarkable script first emerged. Who knows what kind of film they envision this being, but with a strong scribe it could be anything from a witty but harmless bit of fun to another dark horse classic.

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Source | LA Times (via Dark Horizons)