Right actor, wrong animal.In July, when
Nick and I were up in Toronto to get a little Silent Hill love, we got
to have dinner with producer Don Carmody. (And a bunch of other people. We’re
not so special.) This guy has done a million films, from Porky’s to Chicago.
He’s also got some serious horror under the belt, and dropped a mention about
the next genre outing, a werewolf flick called Skinwalkers.

Hold up…werewolves? Oh, yeah. Seems that Skinwalkers will offer the story of
a boy caught in the middle of a war between two groups of lycanthropes, one
kinda evil, one really evil. At the aforementioned dinner, Carmody promised extensive
FX, including some solid practical transformation scenes.

The film
is being directed by Jim Isaac, once David Cronenberg’s head effects guy and
more recently director of Jason X. (For some reason the press
release doesn’t mention that part.) But since Cronenberg himself is executive producer
on this flick, we might let that Voorhees outing pass.

chores are being tackled by James DeMonaco (Assault on Precinct 13),
Todd Harthan (Crossing Jordan) and
James Roday (The Dukes of Hazzard). Don’t even bring up that Daisy Duke nightmare
— this is werewolves. Werewolves! And with the bar recently laid on the ground
by Cursed,
it’s all uphill.

Making it
easier is the cast. Personal fave Elias "I’m not on SVU" Koteas joins Boston
alum Rhona Mitra and The Grudge‘s Jason Behr. The cast
also includes luminaries such as Natassia Malthe, Sarah Carter, Tom Jackson,
Shawn Roberts, Matthew Knight, Lyriq Bent and, just in case Nick wasn’t already
going to see a new werewolf flick, Kim frickin’ Coates!

The crew began to roll film in Toronto on September 19, and primary photography is scheduled to run through November 11.

Koteas! Coates! I’ve got bells on already.

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