veI guess it makes sense that New Line would want a sequel to this summer’s comedy smash The Wedding Crashers, but much like the other comedy blockbuster The 40 Year Old Virgin, the film just doesn’t seem to lend itself to sequalization. But I’m probably just not thinking big enough. Maybe a Wedding Crashers sequel would involve Christopher Walken recruiting our heroes to crash the wedding of Osama bin Laden’s niece or something. Think of the hijinks!

Screenwriter Steve Faber certainly is thinking of the hijinks, as he has told Jane Seymour that’s he’s working on that sequel, and then that gossipy crow went and told USA Today about it! Faber told the actress that she will be in the film, but I don’t know if he told her if she would get more than three minutes of screentime and whether or not her character would actually play any sort of function in the sequel, as opposed to the pointless role she had in the first.

Also, since I’m a perv, let’s hope we get to actually see her knockers.

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