Despite all the grousing we do around here about Hollywood’s reliance on the past, there are occasionally movies that could conceivably benefit from an update.  For example, the 80s flick The Star Chamber had a great premise but ended up being a pretty mediocre film.  G’head, remake it!  Let’s Get Harry?  Put it back on the back rack.  Star Chamber?  You have my blessing.

Ah, but 20th Century Fox, which is already a half-decade past due for a name change, is already on the case: they’ve got former X-Files guy Frank Spotnitz working on a feature film remake.  The original movie starred Michael Douglas as a frustrated judge who gets involved with a secret council of high-level judges who mete out vigilante justice to the vicious criminals sliding through the system on technicalities.  Unethical, but exciting!

The project has been kicking around for years, originally planned as an FX network original movie for Spotnitz to helm, but it’s been kicked up the ladder to theatrical status.  Joe Dredd was not available for comment.

Form a Star Chamber to police our message boards!