Master multitasker Robert Rodriguez’s 3-D flick The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl came and went early this summer, briefly stopping to hurl random CGI creations at audiences, but now here’s another chance to see what Rodriguez slapped together based on ideas from his own young son’s mind.

The movie revolves around a misfit lad whose imaginary teen heroes turn out to be real when they recruit him to help save Planet Drool.  I will refrain from associating that world’s description to lithe Lavagirl’s form-fitting costume, because I’m not as perverted as many would have you believe, almost.

Much like the recent crappy Sin City release, this disc isn’t nearly as stacked as a typical Rodriguez DVD, but there’s a featurette and commentary track.  Plus you and your clan can watch the film like normal primates, or you can slip on those old-fashioned 3-D glasses and allow various objects to launch from the screen directly at your ocular apparatus!

For a chance to win this shiny new disc, click the link below, send your full name and address, and answer the following:

1.  Robert Rodriguez catches at least as much flak as praise around here.  Based on CHUD’s reviews, name another filmmaker who you’ve been surprised has received quantities of love or hate here.

2.  Kid-themed movies aren’t really a standard CHUD-covered genre.  Name two other movies or types of movies we’ve covered that you never expected to get face time on this site.

3.  Everyone loves Danny Trejo, but for some unholy reason he’s not in Sharkboy and Lavagirl. List three other beloved character actors frequently referenced by the CHUD crew.