“Now, Mr. Stark…”

And that’s just one of many tiny moments that make up a pretty wonderful whole for Captain America: The First Avenger.

This is a fantastic trailer.  There’s not really a wrong note in it. Even the light humor, usually so cringeworthy in superhero flicks, is tonally right.   Everything feels right. No one sticks out as an anachronism, no one looks too modern or acts too sarcastic.   It feels like it could have come from the 1940s.

If the 1940s had Benjamin Button technology, that is.  There are definitely skinny Steve scenes that are a little jarring, but I imagine they’re still smoothing out the edges. It still looks damn good, and I’m glad they took a technological risk instead of simply trying to pawn off buff Chris Evans as a sickly reject.

And Evans?  I don’t want to get too overblown, but I think he is going to be the Cap we wanted all along. He’s so earnest. So good.   There’s no hint of his Johnny Storm cockiness.   He’s got a real aw shucks, all American, Jimmy Stewart attitude going.   I think he is going to walk away from this a big star and a major casting coup.

Watch. Enjoy. Talk!  I’m eager to hear some criticisms because I don’t have a single one. And that feels funny.

ETA: The HD version is now available. Pretty!