.Keira Knightley. Mickey Roarke. AT LAST!

Domino is Tony Scott’s latest film, a super stylish action thriller set against the sorta true-life story of ass kicking bounty hunter Domino Harvey.

You can count on a few things when Mr. Scott is behind the lens. It’ll look good. It’ll feature great character work. It’ll grow on you each time you see it. He may not be as beloved as his brother, but he’s one of the coolest cats working today and his name on a film is reason enough to see it.

Every time.

We have a stack of passes for lucky folks in select Southeastern cities and it’s pretty easy to nab a copy for yourself if you can follow the simple rules of the game.

Somehow I still get a handful of envelopes without an SASE inside, but I can’t make it much clearer.

If you live in or around one of the cities below, pop a SASE (Self Addressed-Stamped Envelope) into another envelope addressed to: CHUD.com and mail it to 4915 Camberbridge Dr. Alpharetta GA 30022, write two things on the INTERNAL ENVELOPE:

The name of the city you want to see it in (from the list below).

What two Hollywood personalities who most need to be collected by someone like Domino Harvey.

Pretty easy? You’d be surprised.

Good luck!