Boy is that picture ever familiar.

Above is a character card for Disney’s first all-CGI feature, Chicken Little,
opening as the text says, November 4th. The film stars our beloved Zach
Braff as the titular character, who believes the sky is falling and who
may just be right this time. The character above, Hollywood Abby, is
voiced by none other than
Cusack, an actress I’ve had a crush on for probably almost two decades
now. She’s got a great voice, and voice over work makes absolute sense
for her.

There are other character cards debuting today – possibly right now! Check out the other ones at

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And you can click on Abby above if you want to see that picture double in size. It makes a good desktop!

Also check out the Fetal Films page for Chicken Little by clicking here – Eileen has collected an exhaustive amount of info on the film. You are visiting Fetal often, right?