Since we still only have the one goddamnitsofuckingboring still released from the film, Rise of the Apes is still kind of an unknown quantity as far as blockbuster 2011 releases go. Fox may perhaps being showing confidence in their Ruper Wyatt directed Planet of the Apes prequel though, as the James Franco vehicle has moved its release date yet again, to August 5th, 2011.

What’s strange is that this was originally a June release – a solid opening summer position – and then it was moved into the later year position. December is still a respectable release date, and consider the effects heavy nature of the film, didn’t seem like a terrible idea. Now that it’s been moved again, this new August release date puts it up against The Change Up (a bro comedy) and The Darkest Hour (a 3D alien survival flick), with Cowboys & Aliens dropping two weeks before. The weekend after has Don’t’ Be Afraid of the Dark and 30 Minutes Or Less, so all in all it seems like a place on the calendar where the action (sci-fi thriller? ape drama?) tentpole can be distinctive and squeeze out a life. It makes it one of the last major summer blockbusters though, so Fox must have some confidence in its ability to play clean-up. Without a trailer, or any real footage or images of note, it’s hard to guess where Fox’s head is at. Until then, I’ll leave you with a quick thought from our resident Box Office and release date expert Damon Houx.

“Neither are bad months for an A-title, August is more conducive to long play. By scheduling it there they may or may not have something, but would prefer weaker competition.”

Seems like as solid of a reading of the signs as is possible at this point. Our first significant look at the film should give us a better idea what’s up. That could be weeks or months from now, but will surely happen once the summer marketing blitzkrieg begins.

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Source | Variety (via Dark Horizons)
Poster | Lloyd Stas