March 22

Media: Mesrine: Killer Instinct. Will be doing a contest for both of these excellent crime flicks on Friday.

Music: An assortment of good things, mostly funk and jazz.

Comedy: A little Stanhope.

Food/Drink: Z Pizza. Then, delightful tapas at Prohibition. Hummus & pork flatbreads. Delight. A selection of the best mixed drinks in Atlanta. A Fuente Hemingway.

Family: Not thrilled with the tests on Mom. Not thrilled at all. Played darts with the old lady and friends, but I feel for her and envision a long and hard road for the family.

Friends: Brian Pollock, one of my oldest friends (a rare one who hasn’t deserted) was brought to Prohibition by myself and Andrea. His life was improved. Good times with our favorite barkeep and delightful tastes.

Work: Good progress. Pretty disheartened with the lack of response to my letters column but anyway…

Art: Zero art.

Goodies: Zero good things procured.

Screenwriting: A little.

Projects: One of my favorite projects may fade away, sadly.

Minutia: Some stereotypes… aren’t just stereotypes. A couple of stories shared with me make me ill towards folks.

Activity: Yes. A good bit.

Ailments: No sir. Not even a headache.

Shrink’s Chair: If you don’t tip people you are a fucker. If you choose to go out, realize that they could either charge you more and pay the waiters/deliverymen themselves or you can be a civilized human and do it yourself. I don’t care who you are or what your background is, 15% minimum or you’re a piece of shit.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The dude at the bar who is the “ambassador”. I’m a good customer and it’s obvious by the fact I’ve already brought fifteen new customers their way. But because I look the way I do and dress the way I do, he doesn’t even muster a hello. I remember shit like that.

True Trivia: The Christian School I went to for three years was closed down due to corruption.

Link of the Day: Bellucci! What if Red Riding Hood was this?

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Both kids. All day!

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