Note: As a sort of post mortem to the Oscars, I will be covering all 10 of the Best Picture nominees and their trailers. And when I’m done, we can finally all STFU about the Oscars.

I loved The King’s Speech. It was a brilliantly acted and well made gem of an inspiration film. That said, it winning Best Picture over pretty much any of the other contenders is complete crap. The King’s Speech is pure Oscar bait, while the other nominees were actually trying their best to impact the medium of film as a whole.

This debate is really apparent when comparing the trailers of the other nominees and The King’s Speech. It’s a great trailer, and it certainly makes me want to see the film. But down the line, be it a week or 10 years, will I even remember enough of this trailer to care? I guess I’ll have to wait and see, but I have a sinking suspicion it will be no.

The King\'s Speech Trailer

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