Shirtless Captain America is sad.

He is sad because Entertainment Tonight didn’t actually premiere the Cap trailer as expected.  It was just a peek at the trailer that will debut this Thursday or Friday.

Even worse, they allowed a man who doesn’t even have a voice for radio narrate over the top of it. It may be one of the worst jolly PR pieces I’ve heard. Really, Marvel / Paramount? You couldn’t give it to anyone else to premiere? Ugh.

He doesn’t want us to post it, primarily because of that. But Cap, it’s a slow news night, and people will want to talk about this. At that, a tear slides slowly down his chiseled cheek and onto his pecs.  He knows he has to serve the greater good.

There’s only a few glimpses of stuff we haven’t seen in this peek of a preview, but I thought you might like to tear into the skinny effect a few days early.  I was a big fan of that (and I still am) but Skinny Steve looks kind of funny when it talks.