csaThere’s an international trailer for The Producers, and after watching it the movie has shot to the top of my excitement list. I was always looking forward to the big screen version of the theatrical version of Mel Brooks’ big screen original, but the international trailer perfectly showcases the kind of broadness and sass I was hoping we would get.

I won’t bore you with details on the film – check out the Fetal Film page for it right here, it’s aces.

The original film had a great song I have always loved called Love Power (if you have the Kill Rock Stars label version by Witchypoo, let me know. I haven’t heard it in years). In the film, Dick Shawn played the hippie who starred as Hitler in the producer’s supposedly doomed play, and he sang Love Power. Dick Shawn, it turns out, died on stage. He fell over in the middle of a monologue and the audience laughed, thinking it was part of the show. Now that’s fodder for The Producers.

Click here to see the international trailer, and Uma Thurman do a helluva split.

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