I seriously wonder what it’s like to have created some made-up characters about 35 years ago and see them constantly referenced in all of pop culture, perhaps even more so now than ever. Who knows if George Lucas still finds it interesting, amusing, flattering? Or if it’s all worn off for him. Seems like there just might be moments where he chuckles to himself, sitting in some giant throne at his estate, watching Adult Swim and seeing Robot Chicken doing their versions of his movies, saying to himself, “I wrote that shit.”

Robot Chicken: Star Wars: Episode III brings the Seth Green and Matthew Senreich series to a close. And for a first time, it’s hitting stores on both Blu-ray and DVD, which comes with three hours of bonus material, two exclusive features, a special appearance by Lucas himself and all these:

  • Sunday in the Boardroom with George
  • Chicken Nuggets (sketch by sketch video commentary)
  • Behind-the-Scenes
  • Voice Recording Featurette
  • Skywalker Ranch Premiere Trip
  • Star Wars Celebration V Robot Chicken Panel
  • Writer’s Room Featurette
  • Deleted Animatics With Video Intros
  • Audio Commentaries

Robot Chicken: Star Wars: Episode III broke from the format of the two previous Emmy-nominated specials. “We told a more linear story this time that covers all the Star Wars films,” says Green.  “We wanted to show the Star Wars universe through the eyes of our Robot Chicken: Star Wars Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Gary the Stormtrooper,” says Senreich. “We wanted to get the unique perspective from people who just want to rule the universe.”  This special again fuses the satirical sensibilities of the Robot Chicken stop-motion sketch comedy television series with the characters of the Star Wars universe.

Pick it up July 12th on Blu-ray for $19.89 or DVD for $14.98 courtesy of Adult Swim and Stoopid Monkey Productions.