Crysis 2 is easily the best-looking console game of all time. If you need some proof, here’s the launch trailer, which features nearly all in-game footage. Even the cutscenes run on the in-game engine!

Developer Crytek knows how pretty it is too, those smug bastards. The first achievement you’ll unlock in the game after the stunning prologue is called “Can it run Crysis?” and in their words the game wasn’t developed using their CryEngine, it was achieved by it. The bastards.

I’m currently making my way through the game but fans of the first should be pleased- it’s got more going on than looks. Anyone sick of seeing NYC in videogames will be pleased to note that you’ve never seen it as beautiful as this before, although there are plenty of little nitpicks that natives will find. And you know how New Yorkers like to bitch. (The V train is back up and running in the future, apparently!)

Crysis 2 hits stores today.