March 21

Media: Caged Heat!, Jackson County Jail. For my DVD War airing on Tuesday. Stay tuned for my cutting edge opinion on them. I also rewatched the fantastic CHUD Video Podcast #1. It really is a step forward for us, and if I can ever get Murphy and Waddell in one place at the same time, it shall happen again.

Music: Piss Drunk, by The Wizard’s Keys.

Comedy: Nein.

Food/Drink: Some Chinese stuff. Some grilled chicken. A little Grand Marnier. A little rum. A Graycliffe Platinum.

Family: Sofia was “sick” from school. I wasn’t buying it. I think it was more like she had seen the attention her brother has gotten over the course of last week (very tough week) and wanted a little for herself. After making sure she wasn’t ruined I took her to the office and kept her sated with Chinese food, Sharktopus, and her favorite misshapen bendy toy, Andrea.

Friends: Barnacles dudes George and John and James were at Jeffrey’s, three waiters who I spent a lot of time with in the old days. We talked for a good forty-five minutes over booze and loud drunks. Good folks, keeping the fire lit in a profession I loved so much.

Work: As much as possible. Ended up getting a decent amount of writing done in the private cigar lounge at Jeffrey’s. Unmolested by fools and lowbrow primates, I was a champion.

Art: Zero art.

Goodies: Zero good things procured.

Screenwriting: No, but Sean Fahey made it very clear I owe him a Western script for issue #2 of the comic.

Projects: The websites were more than enough.

Minutia: I watched a guy go from making fun of this sorta attractive but slutty lady at the bar to chatting her up to being warned by another patron that she has a few sexy diseases to deciding to risk it anyway just because any sex (even with risks) was totally worth it for his drunk ass.

Activity: No.

Ailments: Nope. I feel just fine, motherfucker.

Shrink’s Chair: I think everyone should spend a week having everything they write and say scrutinized and ripped apart by anonymous strangers. And praised as well, should the situation warrant. I think it’d make the internet a happier place.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Loudpussy. Again. Guy should have eventually figured out how to be a civilized adult but no… still trying way too hard to be the center of attention. Still too amped up so that he wants to start a ruckus. Still too dumb to just BE.

True Trivia: I played Watson in a horrible feature length Sherlock Holmes movie while in film school. It was an excruciatingly bad experience.

Link of the Day: Jedinet! The first website I wrote for. It hurt me to look at then, and it hurts even more now.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: No kids!

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Out of a Possible 5 Stars


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