STUDIO: Koch Vision
MSRP: $19.99
- Photo gallery
- Extra non-Isaak tracks

The Pitch

“It’s Chris Isaak and his band… on a stage!”

The Humans

Chris Isaak and his band… on a stage

The Nutshell

Chris Isaak performs with his band.  On a stage.  The handsome crooner known for his pompadour and ostentatious attire runs through ten of his catchy pop-rock ditties, including “Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing”, “San Francisco Days”, “Somebody’s Crying”, “Wicked Game” and “American Boy” (the theme from his oft-amusing Showtime series).

"Quick show of hands, who’s seen Little Buddha? Wow, nobody? Glad I didn’t write any songs for that one…"

The Package

The widescreen picture looks respectable (although there’s the usual trouble from the “blue blur” that seems standard in concert lighting), and the Dobly 5.1 soundtrack is clean and punchy throughout.  The disc also has a photo gallery, some quickie bios of band members, some unneeded info about the stage construction, and some bonus songs from other live performances by Lyle Lovett, Randy Newman and a couple of others.

The Lowdown

I’ll cop to being an Isaak fan – I’ve seen him perform live on several occasions, and while the concert featured on the DVD is only about half the length of a typical Isaak show, it’s a decent representation of the foot-tappin’ fun exhibited by him and his tight band… although I was bit disappointed that he didn’t wear his mirror suit (which is exactly what it sounds like) for the encore.  Still, there’s enough here for even the casual Isaak fan.

Keeping San Francisco’s citizens distracted with a free concert wasn’t going to be easy with CNN tracking Gojira’s approach to the Bay Area.

Besides being a gifted musician with a melodious voice, Isaak is a real charmer, a class act and a consummate showman, constantly engaging the audience (which unsurprisingly contains some hot boogieing babes) and playfully bantering with bandmates between songs, while also imparting some self-deprecating humor (as any man in a pink suit should). Plus, y’know, he’s pretty darn good lookin’… Sweet Diesel, I think I might be totally queer for Chris Isaak!  Ah, well.  I guess I could do a lot worse.

8.0 out of 10