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God of Monsters.

I’m all about the Harryhausen and the O’Brien as well as the Gods of the Imagination of today. Guys with names like Henson and Muren and Tippett and Winston. That said, Eiji Tsuburaya deserves his name right next to Ray Harryhausen and Willis O’Brien. right next to them.

If you didn’t know, he’s the guy responsible for many of the great ‘Suitmation’ characters of yore. Heard of Godzilla? Ultraman? Leon Rippy?

I just recently got finished with the phenomenal book Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters (BUY IT FROM US), and it was a remarkable read as well as a place to spend some time with some of Japan’s most beloved and amazing creatures.

Rubber suit monsters will never get the respect they deserve, but I really feel that what they lack in realism they make up for in personality and Eiji was a pioneer in getting both the craft and the consciousness to that point. We owe it to him and the next generation to remember his name and efforts when teaching folks about the stuff that is leaking slowly away from the genres that made us who we are.

- Nick Nunziata is still pissed that King Kong beat Godzilla in that fucking horrible “versus” movie.

And now… another Mary Worth War Strip from the vault…

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All apologizes to the creators of the strip. This intended as parody only and not an attempt to be the best thing ever.