csI flew home from Los Angeles yesterday, and while the ride was turbulent as hell, I knew I wouldn’t die, since Jason Lee was sitting in the first class cabin (planes with celebs rarely seem to go down). I caught him waiting at the gate, wearing that big ass My Name Is Earl mustache. He was going to New York to do the Today Show, he said.

If his Today Show appearance turns into people watching his show (the frighteningly omnipresent ad campaign can’t hurt. Or can it?), we may yet get to see him star as Fletch, Kevin Smith tells the TV Guide (which, by the way, is totally changing its format and is going to lose most of its TV listings. That’s so weird to me). "I’m so delighted Jason is getting the recognition he deserves. Maybe now I can make a Fletch film staring Jason — I’ve wanted to do that for five years."

The latest word had Smith eyeing Zach Braff for the role of Fletch in the prequel Fletch Won, but the Clerksmeister is a fickle caster, I guess. Too bad your show didn’t win that Emmy, Braff.

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