While I don’t feel like I saw a single terrible film at SXSW, there were a few that stood out even among the excellent batch of films I saw. Among even those, Attack The Block was an especially wonderful, exciting experience that earned a five-out-of-five review from me. Joe Cornish’s debut feature, produced by Edgar Wright, is a kinetic, sophisticated, and textured ride that stands up equally as a gang movie, a comedy, an action flick, and a creature feature.

The gentleman Peter at /Film didn’t see the fantastic film while at SXSW, but has landed a first look at the UK quad poster for it all the same. Hmmm, better luck to the early champions next time I guess.

It’s a solid image that captures the tone of the film well, and even better it looks like the poster for an outright blockbuster action flick. With all of the bullshit talk about possibly subtitling the film for American release or otherwise finding an excuse to change the film and make it palatable to US audiences, it’s nice to see the film framed as what it is- a straightforward, slick-looking, BIG-feeling event movie. Attack The Block needs no excuses made for it, or roads paved for it- the film stands proudly on its own two feet, and a nice epic poster is just the right way of presenting it.

/Film also collected a batch of pull-quotes from different sites to demonstrate how resoundingly strong the festival buzz for the film is. Since you won’t see the five-star CHUD review on the list, here’s a good summation of my feelings, right here…

“It’s always a remarkable experience to sit down for an action film with perfect kentic energy, or a monster movie with inventive creatures, or a regional film that truly captures the texture and cadence of its location, or a coming-of-age film that captures some genuine moment of maturation. To accomplish any of that in a film is remarkable, but to accomplish every single one of those things simultaneously is wholly incredible. From writer and director Joe Cornish, who has done work you might not know but who works with people you definitely do, Attack The Block is crammed with excitement, action, humor, and some of the coolest monsters to inhabit the screen in years.”

Keep an eye out on CHUD for more news about Attack The Block, and more importantly, for my extensive interview with director Joe Cornish. I sat down with the brilliant Brit and had a long, thorough conversation (Todd Gilchrist was also present for much of it). Look for that this week, and for any more news about how, when, and where this excellent film will be attacking a block close to you.

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