Yahoo! has a new Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides trailer, which along with that last classy poster to be released, represents a general uptick in the quality of marketing for the film. It’s still a big question mark if this stripped-down sequel is going to pull the same tidal waves of people into the theaters as they have before, but really, it’s Depp in a Pirates film, to bet against it is ultimately kind of dumb. Sure, your anecdotal geek buzz-meter may not be off the charts, but this is an all-quadrant, kid-friendly actioner starring Johnny Depp- all will be forgiven and money will be made like whoa. Believe it.

None of that speaks to whether or not the film will be a steaming pile of why? but in any event, the second full trailer has a few brand new looks at some characters and scenes. You can download and watch the trailer yourself, and check out the screenshot breakdown I tossed together below. Click any of them to make pixels rain.

Small beached ship in a gaping hole.

Wouldn't mind being on her tides, strange or not.

A Mermaid's bad day.

Roger Allam? Nobody seems to know he's in this movie, and yet there he scowls...

Blackbearded badass.

A Mermaid's GREAT day.

The film hits May 20th, 2011.

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