Ah reshoots… it’s that complicated time in a film’s life when it’s really starting to grow up and see the silver screen of adulthood near ahead. Scenes and ideas start growing in strange places, certain transitions get angsty, and the film begins feeling thematic urges that are new and hard to understand, sometimes a bit scary. This is when a movie will even start looking and comparing itself to other movies and want to fit in better. It’s beautiful and difficult time for any young film, and just as difficult for their loving filmmakers and executives who have the delicate job of helping the film navigate this perilous stage in growing up, without causing backlash or box office rebellion. Some filmmakers are protective and shelter their film from the world, trying to teach them life lessons at home, while others are more firm and willing to let a film take its falls and scrapes. It’s hard to say that one or the other is always the best approach, as both kinds of filmmaker parenting have their successes and failures.

So yeah, Captain America doesn’t have a full trailer yet, and some re-shoots are happening. It will join films of every level of quality from Tron: Legacy, to Scott Pilgrim, to the unreleased Thor on the list of blockbusters that added a couple days or weeks of reshoots to their schedules. Endings are changed, characters are augmented and, frequently in Marvel’s case, cameos are filmed in such reshoots, and it’s as impossible to accurately interpret them as indicators of quality as it is to avoid conspiracy theories when they happen. Den of Geek is one such site just sayin’ that the news of Captain America reshoots, while not necessarily fishy on its own, is not a great sign when one considers the lack of a full length trailer. Acknowledging the well-received Super Bowl teaser and stills, they question Marvel’s confidence in footage they’ve kept so closely guarded.

Frankly, considering the last-minute nature of virtually every Marvel cameo shoot and the fact that we’ve got nearly four months until the release of the film, none of this seems particularly notable. Marvel’s gotten burned on unpolished, un-perfected teasers releasing too early before, and with the enthusiasm they’ve gathered so far, they’ll time their full trailer drop (hopefully complete with some Hugo Weaving madness) for maximum impact. The cobwebs of prestige season are still clinging to theaters, and while we’ve survived the out-and-out dump season, last weekend’s box office indicates that audiences still aren’t in blockbuster summer mode. The Captain America trailer isn’t going to run on any ‘ole forgettable March so and so. Everyone just needs to hold their horses. Marvel will give you more Cap when they’re good and goddamned ready… or despite all signs so far, the whole thing is a disaster that they’re scrambling to save. You decide!

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Source | Crave (via i09)