March 20

Media: Cedar Rapids, the new Miguel Arteta film. Miguel Arteta translated to English is Mike Boring. There are some cute moments, usually involving John C. Reilly making an ass of himself. It has some moments. I do not like Ed Helms as a lead at all.

Music: John and I recorded a new bluesy rock song. Messy as hell but fun. Me on drums (hence MESSY) and he on guitars. John and I are doing our own little album just as Steve and I are with The Wizard’s Keys.

Comedy: Chris Rock. One of the very best comedians ever. Period. If you disagree you’re a Klansman.

Food/Drink: Chicken sandwich. Then, chicken drumstick & rice. Then, veggie Lasagna. A little nip of whisky as Justin and I played a few rounds of Keno.

Family: Very little.

Friends: Justin and I saw the flick and got food afterwards. We had a deep debate with the bartender/waitress about Josh Lucas. She and I were pro and Justin was con. We then read trivia on he and Dash Mihok. Yeah, you thought YOU lived the fast life… Was nice to see my old Barnacles pal Meredith. She was all dolled up, what’s that about? John came over in the afternoon and got his ass handed to him in darts and Halo before rock and roll ruled the universe.

Work: Yes. There was some. Not nearly enough as I wasted a trip to the office.

Art: No, though it defeats the purpose when I draw a picture of a shark for my daughter to color and she puts it on the fridge without coloring it. Like she’s proud of me, so she puts it on the fridge.

Goodies: Baseball cards (I always like to see what they look like each year), shower accessories. Also, Keno. I gave myself a $20 budget. I left with $220 more than I arrived with. I hit all four numbers (3,13,69,79, one of two sets I always play) with a $1 bet with the 3x multiplyer.

Screenwriting: I think I’ll finish the short flick’s script before April.

Projects: Same ‘ol. It’s a Sunday for Christ’s sake.

Minutia: The Regal/United Artists theater in Alpharetta smells like puke. They also suck a dick because they always have some religious movie playing (in this case, The Grace Card).

Activity: Some work on the weights of it all.

Ailments: I woke up with a headache worthy of Mordor.

Shrink’s Chair: It’s fun to see how many people use Twitter as a tool to make their horrible, dreadful lives sound good.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Lady ripping her dude at Pepperoni’s. It was obvious a long relationship was ending, but she was being a c-word.

True Trivia: Bai Ling speaks two languages.

Link of the Day: Graham Masterton! The official website of the writer of the series of novels about The Manitou!

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Working my ass off, Native American!

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