.The Magazine: Giant

The Pitch: A
newcomer in the world of magazines geared towards men and their
entertainment. Sort of like an American HOT DOG. Of all the US books
out there, this is the one most in tune with CHUD.com’s mentality.

The Cost: $3.99
The Month: Oct/Nov
The Publisher: Same
Cover Story: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Main Interview:
Jennifer Love Hewitt



  • They run a letter correcting them on their Dukes of Hazzard coverage. From Andrew Molinaro of CHUD.com message board infamy! Awesome. Hilarious. Slightly akimbo.

  • Their hearts appear to be in the right place.


  • Napoleon Dynamite toys are worse than the clown in Poltergeist in regards to creepiness and the safety of your loved ones. Why give them ink?

  • They are trying way too hard to be… something.
  • You have Jason Lee around for a five page piece, why do you make it a FASHION SPREAD? Fashion spreads are worse than scabies.

  • Their scar movies article seems a bit familiar.

  • MaggieyawnGrace.

  • Their layout screams "I wish it was 1978". Come on, people!

  • 1.2.3 IPOD centric pieces.


This mag burst onto the scene. A comer. Now it feels like a comeshot in my eyebrows.