.The Magazine: Premiere

The Pitch: America’s
leading movie magazine. A consumer rag but tinted with a little of the
insider stuff and industry editorial that flies a little over the heads
of the readers of fluff like EW.

The Cost: $3.99
The Month: October
The Publisher: Hachette Filipacchi Media
Cover Story: Charlize Theron

Main Interview: Steve Martin


  • Tiny but fun Shane Black piece.

  • As usual, a solid and well written reviews section. This is a strength of theirs they don’t really take full advantage of..

  • Great (albeit short) Clooney interview.

  • The ‘Women in Hollywood’ specials tend to be soft-footed and filled with bullshit but aside from their inclusion of Lindsay Lohan as a spotlight this is one of the better issues in recent memory.

  • Their article on shocking moments in film history is solid.


  • Their distillation of Comic-Con is both late and insipid.

  • I’ll admit it, I’m Charlize’d out.
  • Shirley Maclaine is relevant?

  • The mag is too wide for my scanner.


Always a solid read. This is no exception.