March 19

Media: Red, Sammy Hagar’s autobiography. It was the first book I read cover to cover on my iPad and it was amazing. especially with the orientation lock feature in the new software update. The book’s fluff, but I’m a sucker for Van Halen and Sammy stuff. Cheesy, on the nose, and totally lacking subtext but it’s a part of the music diet I don’t mind feasting on. Decent book for what it is.

Music: Playlist on iTunes – Jazz & My Bands.

Comedy: Nope. Just the comedy of watching bar patrons embody stereotypes.

Food/Drink: Really excellent ‘Ultimate Fajita’ at On the Border (pictured below). Really good chicken dish at Adobo. Guess Saturday was Mexico Day.

Family: Hung with the little man for some time in the afternoon. He’s still sick and grumpy. He played in his Exersaucer as I cleaned the garage. He loves watching me throw tennis balls off the roof of the house and chase them down the driveway. He was laughing his goddamn head off. Hung out with mom at night. She was wiped. We scared her away late at night with loud music and hookah smoke. Sad times. Spoke to one of my Florida cousins about Mom, but I didn’t really have anything to say. During my garage adventures I found a picture from Halloween, late 70’s with Dad and I:

Friends: Drew at lunch with Andrea, a new thing for Played a little slot machine action with Andrea and Mom. Had dinner with them and Johnny Mak. Then we played darts at the house. John and I also came up with a few new songs while Andrea smoked the hookah and learned what rock and roll is.

Work: A little. I wasn’t feeling all that obligated for a change.

Art: I drew a man ogling a horse’s ass.

Goodies: I had big intentions at the bookstore but got nothing. I did get my car detailed, which was the first time since before the Florida jaunt. It needed it.

Screenwriting: Nothing.

Projects: Had a good chat about the Midnight Movies thing. I think we’ll do it in May.

Minutia: If anyone wins the lottery, consider hitting us with the Paypal?

Activity: A good bit, as i was already sore I figured I’d compound it.

Ailments: I’ll stop being sore once I get into a routine. Or die.

Shrink’s Chair: I felt an obligation to call or email some old friends about Mom’s condition, but fuck them. Fuck them right in the ass for being bad friends.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Depends on how you look at it. Us, for scaring Mom off. Or… the loud motherfuckers at the bar who simply cannot talk at a human level. When the music’s not loud and there’s not a lot going on there is no reason to be fucking obnoxious.

True Trivia: I had a teenage neighbor when I was pre-teen who’d intentionally let me see her goods knowing full and well it was the best thing ever for me.

Link of the Day: El Michels Affair! Amazing band. I think everyone needs to own Sounding out the City. Just have it playing in the background. Insanely great.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Music. Hanging out. And then in the night… DVD reviews, The List of Dumb, a letters column, and more!

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