March 18

Media: Nothing.

Music: The Black Keys – Brothers.

Comedy: Nope.

Food/Drink: Spaghetti & Meatballs. Fruit. A little Amaretto. Coffee.

Family: Spent some time at the house in the evening. Got disappointing news about Mom. Though it’s really family business, I assume I’ll be writing about it a lot in here since this is my vent. Cancer. Two places. We seem to have caught it really early. I envision a rough, emotional road ahead. That said, I think it’s actually going to improve the length and quality of Mom’s life once we get through it.

Friends: Golf with Pat & Dave. Was nice to hang out.

Work: Got some stuff up before heading out after lunch. Did much more in the evening.

Art: Zero arts.

Goodies: I bought two sleeves of golf balls. They now belong to the forest, some ponds, and other unknown areas.

Screenwriting: Nothing.

Projects: Had a good talk with a producer friend about a producer/director-type possibly joining out little cadre and changing the awareness of the project overnight.

Minutia: Man, I suck at golf. I was so much better when it was just a hand/eye thing. Once I took lessons and futzed with it, I became a shambles.

Activity: Some. Golf’s not that athletic… but I certainly don’t get cheated on my swings.

Ailments: Nah.

Shrink’s Chair: I don’t know why I expect some folks to be good people and civil in public. I keep hearing little nuggets from friends and co-workers about how great some folks are and how horrid others are. There’s simply no room for smug in this world.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The foursome behind us who hit up on us twice during the round.

True Trivia: I am mystified why anyone would ever cheat at a game, whether using the dictionary to cheat in Scrabble or typing in a code to beat a video game level. I simply don’t get it.

Link of the Day: Old Hoss Radbourn on Twitter! One of the most consistently funny “personalities” on the service.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: All sorts of shit shit shit shit shits.

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