From the mind behind the mega-hit Syfy show you’ve probably never heard of (EUREKA) comes a tribute to all those no-budget Syfy original movies and the “so bad, they’re good” films that inspired them. Move over Roger Corman, step back Ed Wood, make way on your weekend programming schedule Mr. Stern, because here comes Andrew Cosby’s 365 DAYS OF SCI-FI.

And it’s all happening here! Each day, your friends at CHUD will bring you a brand new bad movie pitch — the best of the worst title Cosby can come up with, no matter where he’s at or what he’s doing, rain or shine, drunk or sober. That’s a whole year of the quality concepts you’ve come to expect from the network that brought you MANSQUITO and SHARKTOPUS.

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“I’ve always loved comics (guess that’s why I founded my own comic book company, Boom! Studios), and have especially fond memories of Marvel’s big 80’s crossover publishing event, SECRET WARS, which was followed a couple of years later by one of my favorite geek films, HIGHLANDER.  Anyway, I woke up this morning wondering if I could come up with something like that uniquely suited for the Syfy channel. Read on true believers….”

- Andy Cosby (Twitter)

“TMZ in the DMZ.”


Weaned on decades of random television signals from Earth, an advanced alien civilization obsessed with our culture abducts a dozen C-list celebrities to compete in a series of off-word death games, forcing them to survive numerous extraterrestrial obstacles before separating them into carefully chosen groups that must now fight one another for survival. Their numbers dwindling, the famous and infamous battle, befriend, betray and ultimately butcher one another until only one remains.  By this time, the sole-surviving pseudo-celeb has become an intergalactic broadcast sensation, winning the hearts and minds of civilizations throughout the known universe, and is offered his/her commensurate reward — a choice between freedom and returning to earth to resume their life as a washed-up has-been, or a lifetime contract continuing in the games and reaping the rewards of their newfound fame.  The answer is obvious… BRING IT ON!!

Nick Says: I think this is actually already happening. Has anyone seen Clint Howard lately?





This article series is in no way affiliated with SyFy. This is a creative experiment and ongoing test of nerves that is perpetrated by a few insane people and should be construed as such. If for some reason these people actually make one of these as a feature it must be chalked up to their own lunacy. These are the intellectual property of Mr. Andrew Cosby and not the property of or SyFy.