I’ve already expressed my disappointment and disdain for Steve Carell leaping at the 10x paycheck for the completely needless semi-sequel Evan Almighty in response to his sudden StarMeter boost from The 40 Year Old Virgin. And as funny as he is, he’s still not exactly wowing me with his decisions.

The former Produce Pete will now become Dan in Real Life, another romantic comedy that, instead of finding him escaping from the fetters of abstinence, has him as a newspaper columnist (I assume the movie’s title alludes to this somehow) and a widower with three daughters, at least one of which is hopefully hot.  Dan finds himself falling in love with the girlfriend of his brother, and I’m optimistic that she’ll be at least moderately hotter than Catherine Keener.

At least the movie is written and directed by Peter Hedges, who helped adapt About a Boy and recently made Pieces of April, which was better than any movie featuring Sisqo really deserved to be.  Carell, who I still can’t believe will actually make a superfluous sequel to Bruce Almighty, is currently getting himself into excruciatingly awkward situations on NBC’s series The Office.  Man, I really wish they’d get crackin’ on Get Smart

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