Though it’s usually a favorite destination, I wasn’t that wild about Las Vegas when I recently got stuck there overnight in 117 degree heat while on a layover from LA, but walking away from a poker table nearly $1,000 heavier made the unanticipated delay more tolerable.

Vegas has so much going for it: the accessibility of all conceivable vices, the omnipresent fabulous breasts, the palpable sense of desperation emanating from every fifth person you pass.  That friendly but uncertain look you get from hotel staff, like they’re unsure if you’re more important than you initially appear. That overly romanticized sheen of neon gloss that barely hides the layers of shady affairs. 

It’s a two-faced theme park for sinners, a surreal locus of jackpots and crushed dreams, smack in the middle of nowhere.  I absolutely love it.

And the cheeky CBS show Las Vegas captures so much of the energy and glitz and tits of the city, with an impossibly attractive cast commanded by the wonderfully gruff James Caan.  It’s way more fun than it really should be, and the show has even managed to attract some high-profile guest stars that include Alec Baldwin, Sylvester Stallone and Dennis Hopper.  Plus you have to appreciate a show that unapologetically kills Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The second season of the series has hit DVD (uncut and uncensored!), and we’ve got some copies to slide your way like nickel chips at a roulette table.  So go on, punter.  Take a chance.  Click the link below.  Answer the following three questions.  Include your full name and mailing address.  You just might win.  The worst that could happen is that you leave penniless and with shattered kneecaps.

1. In the inevitable Ocean’s 13, where should George Clooney and his smirky band of thieves strike next, what should they swipe, and who should assist them?

2. What’s your favorite gambling term that most sounds like it could and should be part of a revolting sex act?

3. What fallen icon of film or music would most benefit from a guest appearance (that may or may not necessarily involve their horrific death) on the show?