Here’s how this works:

When the prizes arrive and sufficient time has passed, I send them. When enough prizes and contests have ended, I run the winner son the site so it’s public. Usually by the time I run these, the winners all know they’ve won. Still, I get accusatory emails acting as if I’m forgetting to finish contests even though I seem to spend more time mailing prizes and notifying people about contests I hardly get any work done. Cut a brother a break!

Here’s the winners of a few major contests:

Desperate Housewives, Season One

James Hyland, Washington
Ezra Gallo, Indiana
Douglas Eckman, Ohio
Jason Trenton, California
Chris Smith, California
Andra Hittle, Tennessee
Bill Taylor, North Carolina
Ryan Calvert, Georgia
Kimberly Sheffield, Georgia
Thomas Forsberg, Georgia

Lost, Season One

Jason Pollock, Indiana
Shane Trammell, Texas
Gray Whitten, Georgia
Michael Lee, Florida
Andy Hanks, Arizona
Jeff Heimbuch, New Jersey
April Vrugtman, Florida
Matt Goldberg, Ohio
Joey Di Girolamo, Florida
Tim Gobb, New York

Adam-12, Season One

Scott Wolf, California
Brett Murphy, New Jersey