STUDIO: Warner Home Video
MSRP: $19.98
RATED: Not Rated
RUNNING TIME: 50 minutes

* Featurette


The Pitch

The little bald kid can’t control his mutt.

Why Should You Care?

He’s Your Dog, Charlie Brown is a DVD release forced out of the Peanuts library by Warner Brothers. It’s not so much a special or remastered release, as it’s just WB flaunting the fact that they bought the Peanuts stuff away from Paramount. I don’t know what the legal paperwork is like with the Schulz estate, but WB seems to feel like they’re running against the clock to pop these releases out. Naturally, the A/V Quality is less than stellar. While they gave the Holy Peanuts Trilogy the HD treatment, they still haven’t extended that clarity to the larger body of work. It probably won’t happen and that makes me sad.

No one ever brings up Snoopy's time in the Luftwaffe.


Five Reasons To Avoid a Purchase

  1. The Peanuts gang has spent the last three decades hitting a wall. While these two shorts came from 1968 and 1980, they are minor notes in a rich animated history.
  2. Snoopy never follows Woodstock’s orders to cull the prepubescent herd.
  3. WB only included a featurette that runs all of fifteen minutes. Seriously, guys. That high of an MSRP and you can only pull that out of your ass?
  4. It will eventually be bundled into the larger decades collections. I want to say that the main feature was already included in the 1960s set.
  5. Can you remember either short listed at the top of the review? Neither could I before I started the disc. Days after watching it, I still don’t remember it.


It's like I told Marcy. Just cut your fingernails, lather up some Lubriderm and try to relax.


The End Result

The DVD comes with a featurette about Snoopy’s hockey ties. It’s a quick piece about the Redwood Empire Ice Arena that should entertain hockey fans, but it doesn’t really amount to much. The A/V Quality is good enough for older cartoons, but it lacks the punch-up that Warner Brothers shows the Decade Collections. Why they keep trying to fling out sidecar affairs blows my mind when they have a winner with their other collections. Oh well, it’s a rental if you’ve got kids.


Out of a Possible 5 Stars