Peter Berg was previously slotted to helm the movie adaptation of the megapopular Splinter Cell videogame series, but now he’s apparently looking elsewhere for his espionage fix.  And he found it in a stack of comics.

Runny sauce man Berg is planning to write and direct The Losers, based on the DC/Vertigo book that CHUD’s own Sean Fahey calls “the comic book equivalent of dynamite”.  The winding tale of betrayal and conspiracy follows a team of former CIA operatives hunting the man who left them for dead, a shadowy double agent known only as Max.  You should pick up the first trade paperback and find out for yourself RIGHT HERE.

Berg, who also delivered Friday Night Lights and The Rundown and once saved us all from the threat of Mitch Pileggi, was previously rumored to be interested in The Losers a couple of months ago when we were all at San Diego Comic Con (Silver Bullet gets the pink elephant for early reportage).  Berg is also planning to direct the medieval action flick Bran Mak Morn and the political thriller The Kingdom, about a team of US government operatives (who aren’t the Losers) investigating a volatile Middle East incident. 

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