It’s like a big ol’ reunion on the quirky indie drama The Astronaut Farmer. The movie has Billy Bob Thornton as a peculiar small-town guy whose dreams of traveling into space compel him to build his own spaceship, which draws the attention of neighbors, the media and the government.  And a bunch of other actors.

Bruce Willis is making a hat trick with his Bandits and Armageddon comrade (which should keep Hollywood hairmakers busy for an extra few months), ironically playing a former NASA associate.  Also joining Willis is Bruce Dern, the scumbag sheriff he faced in Last Man Standing.  Willis hasn’t worked with new co-star Virginia Madsen since his Moonlighting days, but he did recently get many chunks shot out of him by her brother Michael in Sin City, so that sort of counts.

The Polish Brothers, who’ve only made whispers since their acclaimed debut Twin Falls Idaho, are directing the Warner Independent Picture.

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