casHey, internet news sites – you really have to read A month ago Russ Fischer had a one on one with David Cronenberg (here!) where the Canuck revealed that his scifi film Painkillers was dead, dead, dead. Painkillers is not going to happen. I can’t get into my own script anymore, which is a weird thing that happens.” So when Cronenberg tells you the same thing in Toronto – it’s not news anymore!

What is news, though, is that he has confirmed that his next film will either be London Fields, an adaptation of a Martin Amis novel that he has been working on for a very long time and which has recently seen movement (like someone who ate a lot of fiber, I guess), or Bruce Wagner’s original screenplay Maps to the Stars, which is about a young TV star who is hooked on smack.

Either way, people should be getting excited about it, as A History of Violence (read Russ’ take here, my review coming at the time of release) is going to remind a lot of folks that Cronenberg is one of the great living directors.