“I’m strong – I can kick!”

So Entertainment Weekly “scored” the first shot of Adrianne (Supernatural) Palicki in full Wonder Woman get-up, and it seems like the internet is…weirded out over it.

Personally, I like the bracelets and the tiara – but the gold accoutrements look for all the world like somebody hit some vacuformed plastic with gold Krylon in a rattle-can. And the shinyl-vinyl bustier and hot pants combo seems like something the costumer picked up at Lovers Lane or Taboo Tabou. Also – why keep the boots and pants the same color blue? It’s like the whole bottom half of the poor girl was an afterthought (and yes – I know that many of the comic costume designs feature pants – but this is proof that the comic stuff doesn’t always translate.  I’d have done the Xenabottoms she rocks in the book sometimes).

And I gotta’ say…as much as it bothers me when designers want to sap a superhero costume of its color – tone that shit down. 

Of course, my biggest problem with this – aside from David E. Kelley at the controls – is the casting of Adrienne Palicki. I like Palicki, and I think she’s a little Cute-Hed. But Cute-Hed’s not what you need for this role. Even her approximation of “tough face” here doesn’t work. They needed to cast someone who looks like she might be able to beat the shit out of me dudes. Perhaps she’ll prove compelling in motion? 

I would have reunited Stick It‘s Missy Peregrym with that film’s writer-director Jessica Bendinger, and aimed for the big screen – but this is what we’ve got. I wish her luck.

Visit EW for the head-to-toe image. I just went head to camel toe.