.Evil Dead 2 made me want to be a filmmaker. Sure, Jaws and Star Wars and all the other major films that influenced my early
life had a hand in it but no flick overnight changed not only the fact
I wanted to be a filmmaker but
HOW I wanted to be a filmmaker.

Things became much clearer. I was already a huge fan of gore and horror and already knee deep into the Romeros, Coscarellis, Argentos, and Carpenters and even a fan of the first Evil Dead film in 1987. It was like a veil had been lifted and myself and Lewis "Bert" Cox began our own cult of splatstick movies, comics, and whatever else. I recently found a page of an Evil Dead comic we did back in 1988 that isn’t all
that different from what we do now with RON (take that as you may in
regards to our "growth".

I was a big one.

Now, there have already been way too many DVD releases in this series already, but this one looks too fun not to get. Not only is it stacked and with a new Raimi-approved Divimax transfer, but the DVD is packaged in a Book of the Dead fleshy case that screams when you open it!

Remember how cool the Frankenhooker VHS tapes were that inquired "Want a date?". This is better. Remember the VHS for The Dead Pit where the eyes glowed? This is better. Remember the VHS box for The Accused

Never mind.

I have a stack of these beautiful Necronomicon Ex Mortises ready for lucky Chewers whose entries are culled from the masses, provided they follow the contest rules below and also check out this cool online Book of the Dead promo website HERE:

Using the link below (see, it creates a subject line I can easily isolate) and inlcuding your mailing address, answer to the best of your abilities the questions below:

1. When did you first see Evil Dead 2 and what was your reaction? How many times have you seen it since?

2. Sam Raimi is still working in Hollywood. No, really. Tell me if you could what you think of his career thus far and cite examples of his high and low points as a filmmaker.

3. Our own ex-favorite, Smilin’ Jack Ruby is now a writer on a Raimi produced film. What is your favorite SJR CHUD.com memory?

4. What real-life book ought to be bound in human flesh?

5. "What’s in my fruit cellar?" was the name of the first CD of my band back in the early 90’s. What other ‘Dead’ quote would make for a great title?